RV Pricing

     The RV pricing Links will assist you in finding out the value of your current motorhome, travel trailer, 5th wheel or an rv you may wish to purchase. Taking your time to determine the fair price of a new or used motorhome is likely to save you a lot of money whether you are buying or selling.
NADA Guides
Free internet resource for determining the value of Motorhomes, 5th wheels, Travel Trailers and Truck Campers.
The Links below will show you the actual prices that PPL Motorhomes Sold their RV's for during the past 2 years. PPL Motorhomes is the largest RV consignment Dealer in the US.  
Article on Determining RV Trade in Value
"The first thing you need to know is that the ONLINE valuation guides for RVs are usually much higher than the values in the rv dealer’s copy of the NADA guide."
     Finding fair and unbiased information regarding new and used rv pricing can be very difficult. Just like autos, new RV's have a Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). As in new cars sales the rv dealer will use this price point as a reference to start from and move downward in price from there. Whether buying or selling, determine the actual market value of a used RV is very difficult. prices can swing based on time of year, gas prices, inventory levels you name it. The best way to shop is to start with a basic value from a price guide and the comparison shop via dealers and publicized ads and the like. The listings above provide you with some resources for determining the value of your current motorhome or assist you in pricing a new or used rv.
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